Internet connections that you need in every aspect of your life can sometimes cause problems. This situation slows down your work and also steals your time. The problem may be with your modem, cable or computer. We shared with you 10 ways to speed up the internet connection .

1. If your modem's bandwidth is low, it is the biggest cause of the problem. Modems with low bandwidth have problems supporting the new generation fast internet networks. If your budget is suitable, if you choose a device with high bandwidth while choosing a modem, it is very unlikely that you will face such problems in the future.

2. There may be programs running in the background that you don't notice. For detection, press ctrl + alt + del keys at the same time and click on task manager. In the window that opens, come to the running applications tab and close the programs that consume too much resources that do not need to run.

3. Avoid setting an easy-to-access password for your modem. By using letters and symbols in your password, you will prevent illegal connections in a way. Your internet speed drops within unwanted connections from outside. Since the inputs of the encrypted modems are open, it is not expected to get efficiency from these modems.

4. Do not use unnecessary add-ons in the browsers you use. Since plugins slow down your browser, pages load late. The problem may only be with your browser.

5. If you are establishing a Wi-fi connection, the location of your modem is very important. Walls can drop your connection. For this reason, taking your modem in your room further strengthens your internet connection.

6. Your modem needs a break from time to time. Turning it off at night before sleeping or when there is no need for use will help your warmed modem to cool down and rest. When you turn it back on, you will definitely see a faster internet connection.

7. For wired connections, the cable should not be too long. If possible, use short cable. To prevent damage to your cable and prevent people from stepping on it, use the edges of the wall and deliver the cable to your device in this way. It is undesirable for the cable to bend, break and peel. It can disconnect your internet connection.

8. Clean your device frequently with the help of a virus program. One of the reasons for the slow internet speed is viruses. Using a virus program is a very important issue for the health and lifespan of your device.

9. Using your internet connection for unwanted advertisements on the sites, it reduces the speed thoroughly. Close any extra tabs left open in your browser.

10. Do not delay the update of your device. It is possible that updates will speed up your internet connection. Don't ignore it.


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